2019 Scottish Enlightenment Project

This is where we are going to be publishing our broadcasts. That way you can go back and re-watch what we talked about! This will help you come up with questions to ask us at the end of each broadcast!

Scottish Enlightenment Broadcast 1


In our first broadcast we will talk about the church or “Kirk” of Scotland. We will discuss the church’s powerful control over the Scottish people, and the death of Thomas Aikenhead for disagreeing with the church’s teachings. We will also discuss how the church lost it’s power when Scotland turned to England for help after years of famine and hardship.


Scottish Enlightenment Broadcast 2

In our second broadcast we will talk about John Knox and Francis hutchinson and their opposing views on the church. We’ll also discuss the explosion of learning taking place in Scotland and the beginning of the Scottish Enlightenment.


Scottish Enlightenment Broadcast 3

In our third broadcast we will talk about all of the amazing inventions that came from the Scottish enlightenment. From James Watt perfecting the steam engine, an early predecessor to asphalt, and even some awesome advancements in the field of medicine.


Scottish Enlightenment Broadcast 4

In our fourth and final broadcast we will be discussing the Scottish immigrants who came to America, and the profound effect they had on our society, then and even today. From homework and quizzes to cell phones we’ll be discussing it all.