OUR Team

Our team of 11 people, has 2 advisors and 9 students. Scroll down to meet them!


Robert Trim - Advisor

Assoc. Prof. of Digital Media at Utah Valley University, specializing in cinematography, color correction, and digital asset management, Prof. Trim is a Fulbright Scholar, world traveler, and has taught in Austria, Germany, and Namibia.

He publishes the definitive textbook on the emerging digital asset management career; the Digital Imaging Technician, and has been awarded several regional and national advertising awards, and 11 NEWS Emmys.


Taylor Jensen - Producer & Talent

Taylor Jensen has produced multiple projects successfully and has been placed at the helm in terms of running sets multiple times due to her quality leadership skills. She is detail-oriented and easy going while still adhering to deadlines to accomplish the overall objective. She has also been on many marketing campaigns for companies such as Learfield and the Utah Film Center.


Christian Spangler - Director

Christian has been studying film since his freshman year of high school, whilst also pursuing theatre. Moving on to college in 2016, he started at UVU studying Digital Cinema. Since then he has directed multiple short films, and worked on a multitude of set for various project.

Ellie Robinson 174 HS HRF.jpg

Ellie Robinson - Writer & Talent

Ellie started at UVU as an illustration major before she found her love of the film industry. She now is double majoring in Digital Cinema and Art/Design. She desires to become a writer and script editor. She has been involved in many projects in many positions and has loved them all.


Stephanie Mitchell - Cinematographer

Stephanie started out doing photography at Salt Lake Community College. After graduating from there with an Associates degree, she started studying film emphasizing on camera work at Utah Valley University. She has been a part of many productions at UVU and is one of the videographers for these broadcasts.


Hunter Weintz - Cinematographer

Hunter began making films in high school and has always been interested in camera work. He began studying at UVU in 2013 and has participated in many projects, working mostly as a camera operator or assistant. He is working towards a career in on-set work and sports broadcast filming.


Savannah Elison - Editor

Savannah is studying digital cinema at Utah Valley University. She first became interested in making movies when she was in fifth grade and made her first stop motion video with gummy bears and origami. She fell in love with the opportunity and ability to rearrange stories and create whole new ones in the editing room and now works as a full-time editor while going to school.  Savannah is excited to be working on this project and to be able to help tell the incredible story of the Scottish Enlightenment.

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Colton Mitchell - Editor

Colton has been involved with film for about a decade, with experience making shorts, documentaries, broadcasting, and corporate work. He has been going to UVU since 2013, and is working to hone his craft.


Spencer Streuper - Web

Spencer has been working in the online video industry for the past seven years. With over a billion views on his video content collectively across Facebook and YouTube, he has a firm understanding of the online video industry and the creation of great online video content. Spencer will graduate from Utah Valley University with his degree in digital cinema in December of 2019.


Samantha Hawkins - Web

Samantha is a Senior and UVU and has been in the film industry for the past 5 years. She loves movies and all the many stories they tell. She is excited to continue her career when she graduates!